TRIUMF Workshop on LHC Results

December 14-16, 2011

NRC-ICFI Building, 4250 Wesbrook Mall

Vancouver, BC, Canada



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* All sessions to be held in the NRC IFCI building, 4250 Wesbrook Mall.

December 12, 13 - ATLAS Canada Collaboration Meeting (Members Only)

Indico Timetable

Wednesday, December 14 - Joint Session with ATLAS Canada
09.00-09:15   Welcome by Nigel Lockyer, Lab Director
09.15-10.00   Michel Lefebvre, "ATLAS Overview"
10.00-10.30   Coffee and Discussion
10.30-11.15   Pierre Savard, "ATLAS Higgs Results"
11.15-11.30   Discussion
11.30-12.15   Sally Dawson, "Higgs Uncertainties"
12.15-14.00   Lunch
14.00-14.45   Justin Albert, "Fitting a "Higgs" Signal"
14.45-15.15   Coffee and Discussion
15.15-16.00   Itay Yavin, "RECAST"
16.00-16.15   Discussion
16.15-17.00   Georges Azuelos, "ATLAS BSM Searches"
18.30-??.??   Group Dinner at the Brock House Restaurant

Thursday, December 15
09.00-09.45   Alexander Penin, "Threshold Top at the LHC"
09.45-10.30   Bob Holdom, "New Quarks: Exotic vs. Strong"
10.30-11.15   Coffee
11.15-12.00   Cliff Burgess, "Extra Dimensions, the Cosmological Constant Problem and the LHC"
12.00-14.00   Lunch (and tour of TRIUMF for interested people)
14.00-14.45   Graham Kribs, "Higgs Underproduction at the LHC"
14.45-15.30   Barath Coleppa, "Dilatons and Top-Higgs in Light of LHC Results"
15.30-16.15   Coffee
16.15-17.00   Yang Bai, "Heavy Higgs Bosons"
17.00-17.45   Roni Harnik, "DM @ LHC"

Friday, December 16
09.45-10.30   Natalia Toro, "A Lepton and Many Jets"
10.30-11.00   Coffee
11.00-11.45   Andrew Spray, "LHC Signals of a Supersymmetric Hidden Valley"
11.45-12.00   Workshop Summary