All sessions will be held in the TRIUMF Auditorium
Monday, December 9
09.15-09.30    Welcome
09.30-10.30    Jim Cline (McGill)
"LHC Constraints on DM with Gamma Ray Lines or Strong Self-Interactions"
10.30-11.00   Coffee and Discussion
11.00-12.00   Itay Yavin (McMaster/Perimeter)
"Looking into the Darkness: Old and New Experiments to Look for Dark Matter"
12.00-13.00   Lunch
13.00-14.00   Zoltan Gecse (UBC/ATLAS)
"Search for Dark Matter in the Electroweak SUSY Sector"
14.00-15.00   Stefania Gori (Perimeter)
"Electroweakinos at the LHC"
15.00-15.30   Coffee and Discussion
15.30-16.30   Daniel Whiteson (UC Irvine/ATLAS)
"New Collider Probes of Dark Matter"

Tuesday, December 10
09.30-10.30   Wolfgang Altmannshofer (Perimeter)
"Low Energy Probes of PeV Scale Sfermions"
10.30-11.00   Coffee
11.00-12.00   Jure Zupan (U.Cincinnati)
"On Higgs Portals to Dark Matter"
12.00-13.45   Lunch
13.45-14.00   Pre-Colloquium Tea and Cookies
14.00-15.00   Philip Schuster (Perimeter) - TRIUMF Colloquium
"New Accelerator Experiments to Search for Dark Matter and New Forces"  (TRIUMF colloquium)
15.00-15.30   Coffee and Discussion
15.30-16.30   Jonathan Kozaczuk (TRIUMF)
"Confronting Supersymmetric Electroweak Baryogenesis with Precision and Collider Constraints"
16.30-17.30   Haipeng An, (Perimeter)
"Possible LHC Signatures of RPV Baryogenesis"

* Group Dinner: 18.30-21.00, The Establishment Lounge, 3162 West Broadway

Wednesday, December 11
09.30-10.30   Felix Yu (Fermilab) "Measuring the Tau Yukawa Phase at the LHC and ILC"
10.30-11.00   Coffee
11.00-12.00   Matt Reece (Harvard) "Split SUSY, Dark Matter, and Anthropics"
12.00-12.15   Farewell