TRIUMF Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics


All sessions will be held in the TRIUMF Auditorium
Wednesday, October 28
09.20-09.30 Welcome by Reiner Krücken (TRIUMF, Deputy Director)
09.30-10.15 Brock Tweedie (U Pittsburgh) Compressed Stops and Displaced Superparticles in Run 2
10.15-10.45 Coffee and Discussion
10.45-11:30 Chien-Yi Chen (U Victoria) Heavy Higgses at Run 2 and Beyond
11:30-12:15 Scott Thomas (Rutgers) The Hunt for the Rest of the Higgs Bosons
12.15-13.15 Lunch
13.15-14:00 Yanou Cui (Perimeter) Probing Baryogenesis with Displaced Vertices at the LHC
14.00-14.45 Hooman Davoudiasl (Brookhaven) Looking Beyond the Standard Model through the Neutron Portal
14.45-15.30 Tongyan Lin (U Chicago) Radiation from the Dark Sector and MET at the LHC
15.30-16.00 Coffee and Discussion
16.00-16.45 Jonathan Kozaczuk (TRIUMF) Hide and Seek with Light Scalars at the LHC
16.45-17.30 LianTao Wang (U Chicago) Spin-1 Composite Resonances at the LHC

Thursday, October 29
09.30-10.15 Ian Low (Argonne/Northwestern) Same-sign Dilepton Excesses at the LHC
10.15-10.45 Coffee and Discussion
10.45-11.30 Thomas Grégoire (Carleton) Models of Split SUSY at Current and Future Colliders
11.30-12.15 Josh Berger (U Wisconsin) CPV pMSSM
12.15-14.00 Lunch
14.00-15.00 Heather Logan (Carleton U.) Extracting Higgs Boson Couplings from LHC Data (TRIUMF Colloquium)
15.15-16.00 David Curtin (U Maryland) Discovering Neutral Naturalness
16.00-16.45 Tim Cohen (U Oregon) Nnnaturalness
16.45-17.30 Chris Brust (Perimeter) Discovering New Physics With Non-Isolated Leptons

* Group Dinner: 18.30-21.00, Nuba, 3116 West Broadway

Friday, October 30
09.30-10.15 Graham Kribs (U Oregon) Stealth Dark Matter
10.15-10.30 Coffee and Discussion
10.30-11.15 Eder Izaguirre (Perimeter) The Vector Portal at the LHC
11.15-12.00 Haibo Yu (UC Riverside) Dark Matter Halos as Particle Colliders